Bronze Star with “V” Device

I’ve written about the big battle I was in on 12 May 2009 several times in this blog.  Now a new document related to the event has surfaced–the Bronze Star with “V” Device (for Valor) citation for one of the American soldiers who was there that day.  The soldier did not work directly for me, but I witnessed his bravery and competence.






Staff Sergeant XXX, United States Army, heroically distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous conduct in the face of the enemy of the United States, in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.  On 12 May 2009, Sergeant XXX responded as part of a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) to a hostage situation in downtown Khowst, Afghanistan.  The target building contained four well-armed and determined suicide bombers who had attempted to conduct a spectacular attack on the Province Governor.  After the failed attempt, the enemy took ten hostages to include the Deputy Governor of the Province in a downtown building.  Sergeant XXX quickly assessed the situation and made a plan with his squad of Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers to conduct a breach through a window to maintain the element of surprise over the enemy.  During the initial assault, they encountered fierce resistance as the enemy lobbed grenades down the stairs and out the second story window.  Sergeant XXX called for the assault force to evacuate the building in order to reorganize the assault.  He sacrificed his own safety to ensure that every member of the assault force had evacuated the building before he was the last man out. During that initial assault, the ground force commander and senior ANA leader sustained shrapnel wounds and had to be evacuated.  Sergeant XXX recognized that the chain of command had to be reorganized.  He quickly moved to link up with the acting ground force commander to make a sound and integrated plan for a second assault on a well fortified and determined enemy.  Sergeant XXX immediately began work to reorganize and prepare to lead the main assault back into the building.  Sergeant XXX linked up with the commander on the ground and made sure the plan was integrated, understood, and all the available assets were utilized in order to maximize the safety of the assault force.  As the assault kicked off, Sergeant XXX repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire to ensure that assault force stayed together and the assault went according to the plan.  During the assault, Sergeant XXX motivated the ANA as they moved from room to room and floor to floor to systematically clear three floors, closing with and destroying the enemy while safely rescuing all ten hostages.  After the assault, Sergeant XXX continued to push the ANA to safeguard the hostages and conduct a thorough sensitive site exploitation of the objective.  Sergeant XXX then linked up with other Afghan and Coalition Forces on the ground and debriefed the Battle Space Owner on the operation and intelligence gathered during the assault.  Sergeant XXX then accounted for all men, weapons, and equipment and returned to base with his ANA element.  His actions are keeping with the finest traditions of military heroism and reflect distinct credit upon himself and the United States Army.

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