Roughrider 99

The Afghan War Diaries website created by WikiLeaks contains thousands and thousands of reports detailing combat action in Afghanistan involving American troops and their Afghan allies from 2004 to 2010. Speaking from experience, I can tell the reports are “Spot Reports” or “SIGACTS” generated at the lowest levels of command and then sent up the channels from one Tactical Operations Center (TOC) to the next.

The reports are sortable by region of the country and date, so if you select “Regional Command East” and then scroll to December 2008 onwards, you can read about events I participated in and sometimes initiated. No individual names are mentioned, but sift through the long litany of IED explosions, missile attacks, direct fire engagements, MEDEVACS, and other testaments to carnage and find those generated by “Roughrider 99”—the radio call sign for our TOC—or, more explicitly, “Camp Clark ETTs.” For me, those reports constitute a trip down memory lane, tersely worded, minimalist memorials to my best and worst days in Afghanistan.


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