Combat Lite

Many of my posts describe harrowing moments of my year in Afghanistan.  It wasn’t all so dangerous, however.  Most missions were “non-kinetic,” rather than “kinetic.”  And most days were spent in the relative safety of the ANA camp attending meetings and overseeing training events.  The four pictures below depict classes we conducted on one such day.

The funnest events were award ceremonies.  They were relaxed, informal affairs in which the Afghans always invited the ETTs to participate.

After receiving an award, ANA soldiers display it to their peers and declare their devotion to the country and the army.

Every day brought many hours drinking tea while discussing subjects big and small.

Within the American camp, we had our things to do, too.  The picture below was taken after an award ceremony honoring members of the Roughrider team from the Illinois National Guard.  Good men all.


2 Responses to “Combat Lite”

  1. Chris Brown Says:

    Hey Pete,

    Good to see some light moments, Some of your previous posts have been intense–interesting, but intense.

    Regarding the first picture: proof that the third guy from the right wasn’t paying attention in class! You’ve inspired me: I’m installing a camera in my classes from now on!


  2. Peter Molin Says:

    Chris: There were many goofy moments, and every day was filled with smiles and laughter. Just didn’t have the camera going all the time…. Thanks for reading! -Pete

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