12 May 2009 Redux

On 12 May 2009, 11 suicide bombers launched a coordinated attack on government buildings in downtown Khowst.  I was already outside the wire about six miles south of town when the radio started going crazy with reports of explosions in vicinity of the provincial governor’s office.  Looking back we saw multiple plumes of smoke streaming toward the sky.  We immediately cancelled our planned mission and hurried back to town.   

Entering downtown Khowst, 12 May 2009. A dead suicide bomber sprawled in the cab of the white pickup truck on the right.

The governor was OK, but damage in vicinity of his office was extensive.

At the nearby Municipal Building suicide bombers took a number of civilians hostage. Here US and ANA forces gather prior to an assault.

Our medics treated a steady stream of casualties.

ANA soldiers move to cordon off the area.

American and Afghan leaders plan a final assault.

The Municipal Building at day's end. Casualties: 11 insurgents, 5 Afghan security force personnel, and 4 Afghan civilians dead.

Security leaders met often in the days following.

The governor and military personnel discuss matters at a checkpoint established at one of the city entrances.

A public appearance to demonstrate life was back to normal.

Kabul Super Ice Cream Juice and Pepsi reopened for business.


One Response to “12 May 2009 Redux”

  1. Chris Brown Says:

    Very dramatic snap shots, Pete.


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