The Dooshmen Strike Back

Khowst roared into the news this week with the report of a suicide bombing that killed seven CIA agents at FOB Chapman. One of the attached articles indicates that the bombing was payback for a series of effective raids staged by the CIA against the Haqqani Network–the family clan primarily responsible for waging war against US and Afghan forces in eastern Afghanistan. Khowst has been quiet since I left, in part I would say due to effective new strategies employed by both the conventional and special forces. But this week, the dooshmen, as the Afghans call the insurgents, struck back with a vengeance.

While I was in Khowst I didn’t have a lot of interaction with the CIA, though I knew who they were and roughly what they were doing. In my swing of things, they were just one more of the broad but mysterious schmeer of special operators who worked secretly, independently, and mostly at night and in remote areas.

Update:  The last article linked to below reports that the suspect in the FOB Chapman bombings was a Jordanian.  Glad to hear he was not an ANA officer–I had no reason to suspect the loyalty of any ANA officer I worked with in Afghanistan–but he may well been put in an ANA uniform to faciliate his movement in the company of Americans.

NYTimes–FOB Chapman Attack

NYTimes–CIA Role

NYTimes-Jordanian Suspect


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