Thanksgiving Coda

I am grateful beyond words to be back in the States for Thanksgiving.  It has been great seeing friends and family, and even the mundane events and facets of my current life are sweet.  But you might say that life anywhere is good, if you don’t have to worry about an IEDs and rocket attacks.

In most ways, it has been remarkably easy to plug back into a near-normal life.  Vestiges of Afghanistan-inspired emotions linger, however.  I think about those still doing the job I was sent over there to help accomplish.  Obviously the war is not yet won, and it seems a little like cheating to not still be there doing my part. 

Even more strongly, I think about the Camp Clark soldiers killed-in-action, and the sadness that must pervade their families as they live through their first Thanksgiving with at least one loved one now missing, forever.

RIP SFC Kevin Dupont, 1SG John Blair, and SSG Alex French.  My deepest, sincerest gratitude to your families for allowing me to know you.

The link below is to a NY Times article by an officer returned from Afghanistan.  It gets at many of the sentiments I express above, more eloquently or at least in more detail.


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