View out the back of the CH47 Chinook flying me out of Paktia province on the first leg of the journey home.


2 Responses to “Redeployment”

  1. Mark Cohen Says:


    Just read all the recent posts and one of the Stars & Stripes articles. Makes a civilian like myself a little sheepish about my peaceful and comfortable life, about which I nevertheless complain.

    I’m also reminded of my harrowing six months at MD Anderson and all of the scares and problems that followed. You would think such experiences change you. Not in my experience.

    Congratulations on a job well done.


  2. Pete Says:

    Interesting point about “change.” It is hard to figure out what, if anything, is so different about “me” after 15-months away. Part of the problem is that my experiences in Afghanistan and any ideas that were generated from them just aren’t that relevant to much that happens here. That is, 99% of what I need to do or say in daily life doesn’t depend at all on me having spent time in Afghanistan to perform, thus change or difference has very little chance to manifest itself. Don’t know if that works for you, or is the whole answer, but it is a start.

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