Movies, Music, Books

For the first 11-and-a-half months in Afghanistan I never had the time, patience, or peace-of-mind to watch a movie.  A few episodes of TV shows on disc here-and-there was it.  While redeploying, we spent three days in Kabul doing nothing, which gave me plenty of time to catch up.  I watched  Zombieland (twice), Boogie Nights, Glengarry Glen Ross, There’s Something About Mary, Enigma, All the Pretty Horses, and one or two others I’ve already forgotten.

My dear Mom bought me an Ipod while home on leave.  I never had one before, and how I lived without I don’t know.  Plenty of friends sent me plenty of music, so thank you very much one-and-all.  If I had to name what I listened to the mostest, I’d say Red Hot Chili Peppers and Thao Nguyen the first half of the deployment, the Killers and Franz Ferdinand the second. 

Reading was funny.  Days and weeks would go by when I couldn’t manage more than a paragraph or page a day, to be followed by reading binges during which most other activities lay neglected.  No consistency either; by the end of the year I’d read Afghan histories and memoirs (Afghanistan:  A Military History, An Unexpected Light), biographies (Andrew Jackson, Joseph Stalin), smarty-pants intellectual/academic stuff (A Philosophy of Mass Art, A Pocket Guide to Jungian Psychology), and plenty of novels (Charles Dickens, Raymond Chandler, Doris Lessing, Chuck Klosterman, Mario Llosa, Peter Straub, Cormac McCarthy, among others).

It was all good.


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