Media Darlings

In June we hosted an embedded reporter from Stars and Stripes, a newspaper aimed at military audiences but which is semi-independent of the Department of Defense. The reporter wrote a number of articles that featured my team and our mission, three of which I’ve posted links to below.

The first details the problems we often had getting the Afghan National Army to “work friendly” with the Afghan National Police and other Afghan security elements.

The second details problems we had pacifying the small village of Shembowat, which was located just to the north of our FOB:

The third describes our operations at Spera COP, a remote outpost located on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.


One Response to “Media Darlings”

  1. Chris Brown Says:

    Hey Pete,

    Interesting write-ups! You come across very well!

    The final quotation from one of your soldiers about being a “thinking warrior” is the most interesting to me. That sense of strategy and understanding comes across most strongly in all of your blogs.

    Thanks for the links!


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