During Ramazan (as the Afghans call Ramadan), Muslims cannot eat or drink anything from sunup to sundown.  ANA soldiers do pretty well to conduct business-as-usual during the morning hours, but by afternoon they really really begin to fade.  Muslims mark the end of Ramazan with an Eid-al-Fitr celebration, a three day glut of eating, music, and dancing.   The pictures below are of ANA soldiers dancing in their dining facility.  They were taken by a US Air Force public affairs team who worked with us and did a great job documenting life on our FOB and the ANA’s.





One Response to “Eid-al-Fitr”

  1. Chris Brown Says:

    Fascinating pictures, Pete. They look so spontaneous, but I assume the moves were ingrained in them from a young age.

    Thanks for sharing all of the different facets of your experience!


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