Big Battle


On 12 May we were doing “Battlefield Circulation”–routine inspection of outlying outposts and troops–with the ANA when we learned that a number of suicide bombers had attacked downtown Khowst.  We immediatly moved to the sound-of-the-guns, as they say, and arrived to find that the enemy had struck the Governor’s compound hard, detonating several vehicle- and individual-borne explosives in the area.  We had to walk past the body of one dead suicide bomber, his explosive vest undetonated, several times as we helped stabilize things in the vicinity.

We then learned that the remnants of the suicide attackers had holed up in the nearby Municipal Building (pictured above), where they had taken hostages and announced their intent to fight to the end.  A four-hour seige commenced, as American and Afghan forces attempted to storm the building without bringing harm to the hostages.  Our side riddled the building with machine gun and rocket fire, while the enemy dropped hand grenades out of the upper-story windows every time friendly forces assaulted.  In the melee, the enemy either let their hostages free, or the innocent civilians made their escape, for none of them were killed.  By the end of the day, all the attackers were dead, though whether by our fire or by suicide, I don’t know.


One Response to “Big Battle”

  1. Chris Brown Says:

    Hey Pete,

    What an event to commemorate your return to blogging!

    You describe it with such order and precision, but I imagine it must have been havoc and madness while you were in it.


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