The Kuchis are Afghanistan’s nomadic tribe.  In the spring they drive their herds of sheep and camels from the Afghan-Pakistan border to their summer homes in northern Afghanistan.  On the narrow roads through the mountain passes, we slow to a crawl to pick our way through their caravans.


One Response to “Kuchi”

  1. Chris Brown Says:

    Hey Pete,

    Glad you’re back in the blogging saddle!

    You have an interesting clash of times in this picture!

    In the main frame, you have a portrait that (I assume) probably could have taken place at any time in the past. An image as sure and unchanging as the seasons.

    Intruding ever so slightly at the bottom, however, looks like the twenty-first century armored vehicle that houses you. A vehicle that will date and be superceded as quickly as the rusted vehicle that you helped to excavate in the last entry.

    Fascinating contrasts. Thanks for the update!


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