Duffle Bag Drag


The Queen's Palace overlooks a US Army base.

The Queen's Palace

The King's Mansion

The King's Mansion

Still traveling enroute to my final destination, far in the east of Afghanistan.  Before I get there, I’ll have spent time at four, maybe five other camps.  While waiting for transportation from one base to the next, we live in “tent cities” and do plenty of what the Army calls the “duffle bag drag.”  Need I explain what that means?  Hint:  each of us has been issued mounds of equipment and uniforms.

Some camps are neater than others.  One sits close by two magnificent-but-ruined mansions.  Built in the 1930s for Afghan royalty, they now sit bombed, dilapidated, and empty.

Approaching the Queen's Palace

Outside the Queen's Palace


Graffiti at the Queen's Palace.


Returning to training after visiting the Queen's Palace.


2 Responses to “Duffle Bag Drag”

  1. Chris Brown Says:

    Hey Pete,

    Fascinating pictures! Where’s a Palace Depot when you need one!

    Best and be safe!

  2. Brian M Says:

    It’s time to share some more pics with the world Pete.
    Just because you’re in Timbuktoo East doesn’t put you beyond the reach of technology.


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