Halfway Round the World

Deployment slows as we reach one of the nations that serve as staging bases for the movement of US forces into Afghanistan or Iraq.  Here, there’s precious little to do while waiting for available aircraft.  We bunk in big 200-man tents, read, listen to music, watch videos, call home, check the Internet, go to the gym, kill time at the rec centers, wait for the next meal, and, most of all, doze.  We are fighting jet lag, so all our waking activities are conducted in a half-alert haze and at odd times of the day and night.


One Response to “Halfway Round the World”

  1. Chris Brown Says:

    Hey Pete,

    I just wanted to wish you well as you head back to the front. Keep us posted! I look forward to “There, Part II”!

    Best and be safe!

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