Camp Life

The week flies by.  We have class or skills training eight-hours-a-day/six-days-a-week, physical training in the morning, and lots of little tasks to accomplish before, after, and in-between everything else.

We have been studying counterinsurgency principles and tactics.  We listen to lectures, hold discussions, read articles, do homework assignments, and work together to complete practical exercises.  The individual components are interesting, but the day is long.  Fortunately, our two primary instructors are experienced, articulate, and energetic.  One is a former Rhodes Scholar, with the kind of ultra-quick mind you might expect.

We also study Dari–the language of the Afgan National Army officer corps–for an hour-a-day.  Not too much yet to show for that effort.  Chetor hasti?  Ma khob hastem  (How are you?  I am fine). 

I live with three National Guard officers, all from the same state.  They are a sociable bunch with a wide array of experiences and perspectives.  I enjoy talking with them, and eavesdropping on their conversation and banter.

Thursday evening I watched the Redskins-Giants game with about twenty other soldiers in the barracks day room.  Another DC native and I were sporting our Skins’ gear, for which we received a torrent of good-natured abuse as our team went down to defeat.

On Saturday evenings I get my hair cut and eat dinner in nearby Junction City.  I eat at a Korean restaurant with a couple of other kimchi-loving officers.  There are a lot of Korean-run shops in Junction City.  The last three weeks I’ve had my hair cut by a Korean lady whose daughter is in her fourth year at West Point.  Yesterday, she (the barber, not the daughter) talked me into an eyebrow-waxing.  Sure, why not?  This deployment is full of firsts.

No porn on government computers!

The Army makes some things very clear: No porn on government computers!


4 Responses to “Camp Life”

  1. j Says:

    Sexy eyebrows!

  2. Jon Blandford Says:

    Hi Pete,

    I don’t know if this message will reach you or not, but I’ve been enjoying keeping up with the blog. Alicia and I think about you every night when we turn on the news, and we’re here at home rooting you on. Here at IU, the teeming mass of undergraduates has once again descended on campus, and I’m making slow but steady progress on the diss. I don’t know if I mentioned this to you before or not, but Jim Berkey, one of the guys in my diss. group, just wrote a chapter on soldiers’ letters from the Spanish-American war. Maybe someday your blog will provide fodder for future generations of scholars and historians. Also, glad to know you finally got those eyebrows waxed. The ladies over there must be going nuts.

    Be well!


  3. Jon Blandford Says:

    By “over there,” of course, I mean wherever the heck “Funston, Camp Funston” is. I obviously need to pull up a Google Map when I read this thing.

  4. Peter Molin Says:

    Jon–Not sure why I didn’t respond when you posted, but thanks for your comments and friendship, always. -Pete

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