Funston, Camp Funston

We’ve moved to Camp Funston to begin the official train-up for deployment as a transition team.  By Camp Funston, I mean a compound established within Fort Riley for training transition teams.  By transition team, I mean a small Army unit whose mission is to help the Afghan army become self-sufficient.  By “we” I mean the 500 or so other members of my class, and in particular the fourteen soldiers, NCOs, and officers who are on the team I am in charge of.  They are a good bunch who seem to enjoy each other’s company and endure easily the hardships of open-bay living and a packed training schedule. 

Our billets, dining facility, classrooms, and training facilities are all less than five years old.  Camp Funston itself, however, has a long history.  During World War I more American soldiers bound for Europe were trained here than anywhere else.  But now there are no traces of that Camp Funston left, save for a memorial or two.

Life at Camp Funston is Spartan enough, but not entirely so.  We all would wither and die without Internet connectivity, so the whole place is WiFi-enabled.  In the evening, after training is over, soldiers by the dozens stand outside the barracks chatting on their cell phones.

My bunk, my M4, my 9mm, my computer

My bunk, my M4, my 9mm, my computer


3 Responses to “Funston, Camp Funston”

  1. E Says:

    Pete- Great stuff! Hopefully you’ll be able to keep this up as you go along. Can’t wait to read more. Stay safe.

  2. Chris Brown Says:

    Hey Pete,

    Thanks so much for the blog! I’ve been keeping up with your adventures. Congratulations on the successful mission earlier in the month! I’m glad you’re safe in the States again, though.

    I’ll send a proper email to your account!


  3. Peter Molin Says:

    Thankee “E” and Chris (a little late I know).

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