Moving Out

Departing tomorrow for a ten-day reconnaissance, or what the Army calls a “site survey.”  At least half the time will be spent in transit to and from, but that’s part of learning the ropes, too.  I’ll be traveling with fifteen other officers who constitute the leadership of my Embedded Transition Team class.

My own team will report to Fort Riley next Sunday, and I will meet them when I return from the site survey.  I’ve corresponded with most of them already, and all seems in order except for two vacancies that have to be filled.

Last night my team sergeant, a sergeant major, came down from his current station at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, to say hello.  He is a big friendly guy with a great resume, so I feel fortunate to have him on the team.  He arrived on his Harley, with his 21-year-old daughter also on board, and when we went out to dinner we were joined by his son (a lieutenant stationed here at Fort Riley) and his son’s wife.  All very cool!


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