Life/Art Art/Life

In the hubbub of meeting new people and getting ready to deploy, there’s always time for literature and music.

I’m reading Charles Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby (always wanted to) and listening to Thao Nguyen’s Like the Linen (and I got to see Thao in Lawrence, Kansas, last Friday!).

UPDATE, 21 September:  I finally finished Nicholas Nickleby.  I read the first 600 (of 935) pages on planes and in transient tents on the way to Afghanistan.   On the way back, I stupidly left my copy in Kyrzygstan.  I found a used copy in Manhattan and read it in bits and pieces (mostly on weekends) until today, when I parked my butt at a picnic table and finished it off.  Have met two other soldiers who claimed to have read it, too.


2 Responses to “Life/Art Art/Life”

  1. j Says:

    pete, this blog is great! i’m so happy to be able to follow your deployment.

    on our recent trip to MX i brought the audiobook of A Tale of Two Cities and was dissapointed to realize it wasn’t funny at all the way i remember Bleak House and David Copperfield! after a bit of research i learned that Dickens only has a few historic novels like A Tale, which i now know to avoid.

    i just love Dickens for his alternately profound and hillarious insights and characters. how’s Nickleby along those line? i’ll get the audiobook of that one and try to keep up. which edition/editor have you got?

  2. Peter Molin Says:

    J–I broke the first rule of blog etiquette by not responding to your response some four years ago! Sorry, brother! -Pete

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