Akron, Terre Haute, Kansas City

The road to Afghanistan takes me first westward through the heart of America, enroute to Fort Riley, KS, for pre-deployment training.  Nothing but TGIFs for eating and drinking, and Best Westerns for sleeping.


3 Responses to “Akron, Terre Haute, Kansas City”

  1. Chris Brown Says:

    Hey Pete,

    Your blog entry reminds me of my one and only car trip out west when I went to the Literature/Film Association Conference in Lawrence, Kansas. Some things that surprised me:

    1. the gigantic cross off of I70 shortly after you enter Illinois–the size of which is guaranteed to make you take in your breath and utter the Lord’s Name in Vain! Every time you see it!

    2. Jack-in-the-Box. There are no Jack-in-the-Boxes (or is it Jacks-in-the-Box?!) down South. When I asked the waitress what she recommended, she was shocked that I didn’t know about the tacos. I told her I was from South Alabama and she said she’d been to Saraland (just norh of Mobile); she only remembered it because her name was “Sarah”! Review: Durn tasty tacos.

    3. Lawrence, Kansas is a fantasic town and worth stopping in. I had the best sushi (sushi with bacon!) I’ve ever had in my life at a place called Wa! (You know, like Monty Python’s “being hit on the head lesson!” Smack: “Not woh: Wa!”)

    Be safe!

  2. Chris Brown Says:

    Pete: I should add that I did not add the emoticon at the end of my comment. I will never ever under any circumstance “emote” with a computer.


  3. Peter Molin Says:

    Chris: I can’t believe I didn’t respond when you commented on this post some four years ago! I hope it’s not too late to make amends! -Pete

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